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The facts

December 3, 2008
  1. Jeff Sutherland doesn’t walk – he sprints
  2. Jeff Sutherland can smell a failing scrum from the other side of the globe
  3. Jeff Sutherland releases a new version of himself every second
  4. Jeff Sutherland estimates are more accurate than time itself
  5. Jeff Sutherland’s user stories has won the nobel prize for literature for the last fifteen years
  6. When Jeff Sutherland has a retrospective, he always ends up with one post-it in the “works” column: Scrum
  7. Jeff Sutherland and his wife starts their day with a standup at the breakfast table
  8. Jeff Sutherland’s estimate for how long it would take Chuck Norris to count to infinity twice, was correct to the millisecond
  9. If Jeff Sutherland was God, the earth would have no waterfalls – only scrums
  10. In Jeff Sutherland’s version of the bible, the earth was created in one sprint
  11. Jeff Sutherland doesn’t celebrate his birthdays. He has Sprint review meetings (from Øyvind)

And here is a bonus Uncle Bob fact:

  • Uncle Bob never cleans his house – he “refactors”

Oh, and a Mary Poppendieck fact:

  • Mary Poppendieck thinks this blog is waste